The First Artwork

Jeffrey ShooterEdit

It is a game made by Joshfreak363. There are 6 secret characters,and 4 default characters. And 3 bosses have been confirmed. This game is going to be made with "GameMaker".




  1. Jeffrey
  2. Joshua
  3. Wiiman


  1. Owen
  2. Drew
  3. J.P.S.
  4. Hamburger Man
  5. Bowser (after beating him.)
  6. Mario Bros.
  7. Vampire
  8. Stickley
  9. Slimeman


  1. Lakitu
  2. Evil Owen
  3. Bowser
  4. Doodle Jumper
  5. Goomboss
  6. Dry Bowser
  7. Windows Cursor




Jeffrey shooter

The first introductry level. Jeffrey gets a distress signal from his buddy, stickley so he sets off to save him.

Joshie Shooter

The second intro level. Josh realizes that jeffrey set off without him. So he comes to find jeffrey. Together they find diffrent acient guns.

You go wiiman

Tjhe last intro leval. Jefrey diecides the misson is ho stole hopeless until his wiimote comes to life. then they find who stole stickley they set off

FINAL CONFLACT ,f<for now>

same plot as above


This part contains major spoilers.

Oh my Owen!!Edit

The gang finds owen. Nuff said.

Character Unlocked: Owen

Souless lifeEdit

Character Unlocked: Vampire Jeffrey

Jeffrey gets bitten by a vampire.

2013 disastersEdit

Plot to be announced.

Dinner Time!!Edit

Jeffrey and freinds went to an abandoned restraunt because somemone called there was a ghost there. Later, You'll see the ghost making a hamburger alive. The Hamburger refuses to follow his orders. Then the ghost threatins him and is about to shoot a lazer at the hamburger. Jeffrey stops him at the last second. Then the ghost threatins to kill all of them then dissapears. The Hamburger man then wants to join their team.

Character Unlocked: HamburgerMan



Character Unlocked: Drew


Jeffrey is cloned and the clone is a vampire.

10 minutes to doomEdit

Plot to be anounnced Dec 9.

Super MarioEdit

Character Unlocked: Mario Bros, and Bowser

Sesonal EpisodesEdit

It's a Villanus LifeEdit

Plot TBA

Character unlocked: None

Realese DateEdit



Were gonna put updates!! Why would we make a sequel?