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(This is just fan made)


Cut ContentEdit


G-man SphereEdit

He would be a core that is a cenurty year old. They (or I) thought of him having an aperence at the GlaDOS battle. But he got bad reviews.

Construction CoreEdit

He is guy that used to be human but had a jackhammer accedent. No one knows why he was cut.

Inimicus sphereEdit

He has a self defence system were there were turrets, although if your in his room and kill the turrets with the bounce gels, He'll just think there just slacking off. When you pick him up, he will just go ballistic. When you go on an Advanced Arieal Faith plate, He will be dropped and it will seem like he is dead. He appears again as a mini boss.

Left in contentEdit

Jeffrey SphereEdit

(Insert stuff here later)

Non Caring SphereEdit

He bares a striking resemblence to rick. Only he dosen't talk.